Customer Testimonials
Here are a few words of praise from our customers:

"We have three dogs,a cat and two turtles - a real zoo - Renee gives us peace of mind when we leave town.  We know the animals will be happy and won't be importing new flea populations or be neglected by a distracted teenager.  One summer, she called us in Indiana telling us our air conditioner was out.  She was able to get it fixed before we got home."
Carol Powell 

"I would not have anyone else taking care of Earl!  He usually runs from people he doesn't know, but after the once over, Earl got up on the couch with Renee and wanted her to pet him. I trusted Renee completely to make decisions for Earl.  He thrived while I was away, and though happy to see me upon my return, I got the feeling he didn't miss me too much!"
Maria A.

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